About The Wild Sonnets

Reinventing the traditional sonnet form.

As a poet, I have always been deeply connected to the sonnet form, and decided a few years ago to create variation that was both more modern and of my own making. 

The structure I decided to use is built on two seven line stanzas, each capped with a rhyming couplet. The preceding lines are basically blank verse - meant to echo the feel and fluency of a soliloquy. 


Since writing the first Wild Sonnet in 2016, I have added over 300 to the sequence. When I reach the next 100 poems, I publish them as a individual book and add the new work to a digital version that contains the entire collection. 


This is a lifelong project for me – and although the feel of the poems may shift slightly with time, my dedication to this particular form does not. What the eventual fate of these poems will be is not for me to say, but I hope those who read them will feel that the power of this form has been both honored and expanded.


The 2021 Edition includes all 300 poems 
from The Wild Sonnets: Volumes I-III


Complete Poems |  Digital 2021

All 300 Poems & Video Readings

Download for only $15

The Wild Sonnets: Complete Poems | Digital 2021

Although I publish a new paperback volume of Wild Sonnets every 100 poems (which is almost every year), the Complete Poems | Digital Edition is really the core of the project. Since this is an ongoing work of art, I am able to leverage digital publishing to update this book with the next slate of new poems when they are ready. I do this on yearly basis, and the 2021 Edition includes all 300 poems in the sequence.


One of the recent and most exciting additions to the digital book last year has been inclusion of links to my personal video readings for each and every poem. In April 2020, I took three weeks to record my own performance of all the poems extant at the time (250 of them), and I have continued the practice since then. As a result, the 300 poems in The Wild Sonnets: Complete Poems | Digital 2021 are linked to a video, so you can have an on-the-spot poetry reading for every poem you read.


I have also produced the eBook in both ePub and hyperlinked PDF formats, so you can view The Wild Sonnets collection in any Apple and Android device.


I write these poems to be lush and literate simultaneously, to combine the music of language with the myth, mystery and meaning of life. I don’t place a poem into the sequence unless I feel there is something wonderful to be found on every page. I hope you will take the opportunity to see this for yourself.


And by the way, to everyone who buys the download, I send them a sampling of new poems several times a month – and offer the next year's update at a deep discount. 




Volume II (101-200)

The second paperback featuring Wild Sonnets 101-200. Includes index by title. Order direct from my print-on-demand publisher.





Volume I (1-100)

The first paperback featuring Wild Sonnets 1-100. Includes index by title. Order direct from my print-on-demand publisher.





Volume III (201-300)

The third volume of 100 Wild Sonnets will be available for order in February 2021. 



About Nicholas Korn

Poet of The Wild Sonnets

Nicholas Korn is a poet, playwright, filmmaker and composer. The first volume of Wild Sonnets was published in June 2018, with the second following in October 2019.


His stage play, Delirium’s Daughters, was featured Off-Broadway in 2015, and his film, Revel’s Rivals, won the award for Best Animated Feature at the 2012 Louisville International Festival of Film. In the early aughts, he founded and ran Stage First Cincinnati – a theater company dedicated to the ancient Greeks, Moliere and the occasional Shakespeare. The company staged 23 productions at Cincinnati's Aronoff Center for the Arts.


As an artist, he combines classicism with a curiosity for all things digital – honoring equally the tradition and the trend. 


He has been a member of the Greater Cincinnati arts community for over 30 years.