Influenced by The Past

I have always responded to the works of poets for whom language was an instrument to be played, combining the meaning of language with its music. This includes artists such as Shakespeare, Emily Dickinson, Dylan Thomas, e.e. cummings. Just as it’s impossible to detach yourself from resonance and rhythms that inspired you in the first place, every artist and writer finds a vibe and voice that is their own. And that is what The Wild Sonnets has allowed me to do.

The Start of the Wild Sonnets

The sonnet has been a primary interest for me, and for years I had written them using the standard Shakespearean structure. But the idea emerged that I might create a variation that was unique to me, and that might incorporate not only the expected aspects of the form, but also those of the classical soliloquy and the wandering nature of contemporary verse. After a few trial concepts, I decided on the Wild Sonnet form as it is now: two 7-line stanzas, each with a rhyming couplet. The remainder of the lines would be an iambic-based ramble, occasionally resorting to internal rhymes here and there.

Recording the Video Readings

Audio recordings from poets of the 20th century have a special aura and allure. The voice of Dylan Thomas or T.S. Eliot reading their works, that just seemed to be a great stroke of fortune to have those audible and personal representations of their work. With our technology today, it seems to be the simplest task to accomplish, and so in April of 2020, I decided to make a video of every Wild Sonnet written thus far – which by then had reached the 250 mark. It took me about 3 weeks to record and format them all – and I continue the practice even now to make sure that there is a visual and a voice to go with the text of every poem.

The Wild Sonnets: Digital Edition


Since the nature of The Wild Sonnets sequence is to write new poems every week, this collection breaks the bounds and bindings of the standard book. Although I published a new volume with every 100 poems completed, I felt the digital version of the book could be a more inclusive and extravagant enterprise. So, instead of creating an eBook for each print edition, I elected to create an ever-expanding eBook, that would be updated regularly with the new poems.


I also decided to include links to each of the video readings, so that the reader could enjoy not only the text of the poem, but could have the poet’s reading of the work only a click away. I update the Digital Edition every 25 poems, and send the link to the new version to everyone who has purchased the download previously.


I also decided to price the eBook at a little less than the printed books, even though they present all of the poems composed to date. The cost is $15 – a little less than a decent bottle of wine.

If you would like your own copy of The Wild Sonnets: Digital Edition (with free and forever updates) – I have placed a purchase form below. 


The Sequence Continues...

At the time of this writing, I am nearing Wild Sonnet #300, which means that I will soon be updating The Digital Edition to include the latest 25 poems. I will also be publishing the third volume of the printed paperback editions (coming in January 2021). 


If you would like to order the paperbacks, visit my author’s page on my publisher's site here.