The Wild Sonnets: Digital Edition 1-250 includes all the poems I've written up to May 1, 2020. I started writing the poems in 2015 with the intent to create a version of the form that borrowed the best from both the tradition and contemporary sensibilities. 


The Wild Sonnet form is comprised of two seven-line stanzas, each capped with a rhyming couplet. The body of the stanza is meant to unfold in a lyrical and musical way that tickles both understanding and the ear. I deeply believe there are some great poems in the sequence, and I do not add any entry to the collection that does not have a moment of suprise.


I created the digital edition to allow readers to bring the entire published collection with them wherever they go - on either Apple and Android devices. I will update the file every 50 poems, and will send everyone who purchases a download the next update for free, and make the subsequent updates available at a reasonable price.

The Wild Sonnets: Digital Edition 1-250

  • This download includes a 1.3MB ePub file that will work with almost any popular eReader app for Apple and Android devices.

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