The Industrial Pop & Electrofunk Groove Unit of Cincinnati Artist Nicholas Korn

This Month's Nine on the Nine Release:

The January 2020

About the Nine on the Nine Series

I release a new album of 9 tracks on the 9th of the month, every month. These funk nuggets are available for streaming on all the major platforms - Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon Music, etc.

Music Licensing and Sync for Media

All of the tracks in the Nine on the Nine series are available for licensing and sync. I create a playlist for Music Supervisors on my Disco.Ac account. All the tracks are there with breakdowns for beats, solos, etc.

The Disco Playlist for The January 2020

The Groove Symphonies

I have another music art series called The Groove Symphonies. These are large-scale compositions that take the four-movement structure of the classical symphonic form and revitalize it with the instruments of EDM, pop, funk and rock.

These works are not available on any of the streaming platforms - only here on my site:


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