The Wild Sonnets: 

Digital Edition (1-275)

only $10

The Wild Sonnets: Digital Edition

The Complete Collected Poems

This poetry is like listening to classical music. It engages the brain and soul so that they, every once in a while, dance together. 

– Karen N. | Facebook

The Wild Sonnets: Digital Edition includes:

  • All 275 poems published in the sequence (so far).

  • Free update to the 300 poem edition – coming in January 2021.

  • Video reading via link to every poem. It's like having the poet's recitation only a click away.

  • Hyperlinked index of first lines for easy navigation.

  • Apple Books and PDF formats in zip file download. The PDF looks amazing on the Adobe Acrobat Reader app for Apple and Android.

  • Bring the Wild Sonnets everywhere you carry your phone or tablet.

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