Atomic Symphonies | Atomic Symphony No. 5

Atomic Symphony No. 5 | Review

Published in Glitter and Stilettos | Oct. 7, 2021

Music Critic: Mika Lucio


An Endless Sonic Adventure

Cincinnati-based producer, composer and audio artist Nicholas Korn recently released his album Atomic Symphony No. 5. The project offers a range of sounds that embody the essence of classic symphony music with a postmodern flair. Atomic Symphony No. 5 is the most recent iteration of larger undertaking ‘Atomic Symphonies’ by Nicholas Korn which includes 4 robust albums previously released on his imprint of the same name.

Nicholas Korn brings the quintessential dance and listening experience to music fans who enjoy a variety of sounds. Atomic Symphony No. 5 is a boundless production that is likely to inspire through an intricate mix of sound fibers. As per the artist himself, “Let the epic fun and funk begin” ( 


Atomic Symphony No. 5 – Four Movements, Inspiring Sounds

EDM fans will be delighted to encounter the 4 distinct movements presented by Nicholas Korn on Atomic Symphony No. 5. Offered to listeners as the First, Second, Third and Fourth Movements, the collection of artistic expressions commences with a colossal wave of sounds on the ‘First Movement’ that include driving dance rhythms and energetic melodies. Futuristic synths deliver an infectious vibe guaranteed to demand an instant replay. 


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