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The 1st movement opens with a punchiness that is both funky and symphonic. I felt that I was beginning to move into stark new territory – it has an edge and anxious vibe to it, like it has question that it is trying to figure out in musical phrases.


Although I usually try to bring in some power for the 3rd movement, this one started out with a more playful sound, giving way to a salsa feel based on a key stack preset that just seemed to want to be spicy and fun. It was also a nice surprise that I was able to end the movement with the same instrument and phrase with which it began, and it gives the piece a sense of landing with a smooth and unexpected grace.


The Atomic Symphony series reinvents the classical symphony for the digital age by creating a massive four-movement opus based on the beats and instruments of pop, funk, techno, hip-hop and EDM. I have been working on this epic music series since 2018.

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