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In 2016, I started writing The Wild Sonnets – a contemporary variation of the traditional form comprised of two seven-line stanzas, each capped with a couplet. Since then, I have written over 275 of the poems, published two volumes of a hundred poems each, and collected these into a digital eBook edition – available below.


I have also recorded video readings of the poems, which have been posted to both my YouTube channel and here on this site

The Wild Sonnets: 

Digital Edition (1-275)

NOW ONLY $14.95

The Wild Sonnets: Digital Edition

The Complete Collected Poems. Continually Updated.

With the paperback publication of the second volume of Wild Sonnets, I decided to combine all of the currently released poems into a single collection rather than have separate eBooks that corresponded to their cousins in print.


And so, The Wild Sonnets: Digital Edition was born.


This allowed me to align more closely with the ongoing and unending nature of the Wild Sonnets sequence and give instant access to anyone who wanted to read complete collection and build in a few functions and features that are available only in digital publications. These include:


  • All of the Wild Sonnets officially released so far. Right now, that includes 275 poems.

  • Links to online video readings of each poem in the book. I’ve placed a Watch Video link beneath the text of every poem that will take you directly to a mini poetry reading by the author (yours truly).

  • A hyperlinked index of all the first lines, listed alphabetically. Very convenient for finding specific poems quickly.

  • Formats for both Apple Books and PDF (Android/PC/Kindle)

  • Scheduled updates every 25 new poems.

  • Updates are free to everyone who has purchased a previous version of the eBook. Buy it once and get every future expanded edition for as long as I am writing Wild Sonnets.


I try to make every Wild Sonnet as extraordinary as I can and have followed that intent in creating The Wild Sonnets: Digital Edition. I hope you download a copy of your own to see what all that waits inside the virtual bindings of this one-of-a-kind book of poetry.

The Wild Sonnets | Paperbacks



Volume II (101-200)

The second paperback featuring Wild Sonnets 101-200. Includes index by title. Order direct from my print-on-demand publisher.





Volume I (1-100)

The first paperback featuring Wild Sonnets 1-100. Includes index by title. Order direct from my print-on-demand publisher.





Volume III (201-300)

The third volume of 100 Wild Sonnets will be available for order in January 2021. For a preview of the poems to be featured, visit me on Instagram.




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