The Wild Sonnets | Poetry

In 2015, I started writing The Wild Sonnets – a contemporary variation of the traditional form comprised of two seven-line stanzas, each capped with a couplet. Since then, I have written over 250 of the poems, published two volumes of a hundred poems each, and collected these into a digital eBook edition – available here. I have also recorded video readings of the poems, which have been posted to both my Instagram and YouTube feeds. 


To read, watch & listen, go here.

The Lives and Loves of Allegoria | Film

Starting in 2020, I will be producing an animated film series set in the imaginary European city of Allegoria – a modern place of myth and magic, hilarity and heartbreak. A combination of magical realism, verse dialogue, commedia dell’arte and contemporary sensibilities – the intent will be to create something colorful, cool and instantly classic.


For teasers and trailers, go here.

Nikolai 9 | Music

I have been producing electronic music since 2008, and the Nikolai 9 project is the most recent venture in my audio endeavors. Although I started out with a focus on creating singles for sync, this one-man electro band project is already branching out into album long sequences. The The music here is danceable and definitely beat-driven, but there’s always a bit of mystery to where the track is going to next. Wherever it lands, though – it’s always funky and fun.


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